2024: Crucial Year in Disinformation Fight, Says Josep Borrell

The head of European diplomacy warned of “one of the most significant threats” that democracies face.
The year 2024, which will see almost half of the planet affected by elections, is a “crucial year” in the fight against disinformation, said the head of European diplomacy Josep Borrell on Tuesday, January 24.

Disinformation is “one of the most significant threats” that democracies must face, Josep Borrell told the press, presenting the second report on this subject established by his services.

Wagner’s rebellion: for the head of European diplomacy Josep Borrell, “the war against Ukraine is causing Russian power to crack”
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Russia has been developing for years “a vast infrastructure intended to lie, manipulate and destabilize on an industrial scale”, warned Josep Borrell.

It is a “threat against the security” of democracies, a “fight against an industry that manufactures lies,” he warned.

750 cases of disinformation

This second report studied a total of 750 cases of disinformation around the world, and recommends a set of measures to better combat it.

Some 945 million Indians are called to the polls in May for general elections in this country which will become the most populous in the world in 2023, ahead of China.

More than 400 million voters from 27 European countries are called upon to nominate 720 MEPs in early June, during a giant transnational vote.

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