Armored Electric Car: Fearless Against Bombs

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More and more manufacturers are now offering armored versions of their finest sedans. These models are primarily intended for customers operating in risky countries or environments. A first all-electric model of its kind has just been unveiled.

The German manufacturer BMW presents its new generation of protection vehicles in the luxury sedan segment, two models derived from the new BMW 7 Series and its electric variant, the i7. BMW promises here an unequaled level of protection, in theory resistant to any weapon with fire and even explosives, while maintaining a level of driving comfort and space worthy of the best sedans on the market.

BMW’s first electric armored sedan

The world’s first 100% electric protection sedan, the BMW i7 Protection thus has a protection core consisting of an armored steel body structure combined with additional armoring of the foundationfoundation and roofroof. In addition to making the vehicle particularly safe, this system also slightly increases the space in the passenger compartment. About windowswindows, obviously here we are talking about armored glass, which would protect even against the firing of large-caliber military ammunition. As for the tyres, supplied by Michelin, they contain a run-flat ring placed on the rim, which allows the car to continue rolling up to 80 km/h, even in the event of a total loss of pressure.

Note that, in its thermal version, the BMW 7 Series Protection also includes a fuel tank with a special envelope that allows it to close after being hit by a bullet, in order to avoid fuel loss.

This means that the occupants are in principle protected against drone attacks and against fragments scattered by hand grenades. These models have already been subjected to firearms tests and various explosions by experts from an independent public testing institute. These protection sedans provide tailored protection in armed attack scenarios, knowing that they can be fitted, depending on customer requests, with an air-to-air power supply system, automatic fire extinguisher, flashing lights and even standard bearers for official vehicles. For the rest, they have the same driving aids and various options as the classic 7 Series and i7.

BMW has been producing protection vehicles for over 40 years and the i7 Protection is the very first fully electric model of its kind. The BMW 7 Series and i7 Protection will be unveiled to the public at the upcoming International Motor Show Munich (IAA Mobility), which will take place from September 5 to 10, 2023. The first tailor-made deliveries are expected by December.

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