At the heart of French diplomacy: Europe facing war

On the occasion of Europe Day and one month before the European elections, on May 9, 2024, the information department of France Télévisions is offering a major, unique evening devoted to diplomacy. Produced by the “13h15” teams, the documentary “Europe Faces War” analyzes the major issues facing the European Union and France.
“We are at the tipping point, and our Europe is deadly.” What did President Macron mean in his speech on Europe at the Sorbonne on April 25? What future for the Old Continent, in a world where mega-powers and autocracies seem to be calling the shots? How is France acting? Is the sending of ground troops, which divides Europeans, inevitable?

Coalition, tension, reconciliation, President Macron’s method does not always work but the conclusion is unanimous: Europe must find a common path of defense. Will she succeed?

For five months, the “13h15” teams have slipped into the heart of French diplomacy, which is trying to unite a Europe more destabilized than ever. From Brussels to Berlin, from Tallinn to Warsaw, from Stockholm to Washington, but also to Beijing, Jerusalem, India, Brazil, and aboard the presidential Airbus: facing the threat of a war that is spreading in Europe, what role can our country’s diplomacy play?

Unpublished sequences behind the scenes of presidential trips but also with European leaders, international political figures and experts who decipher and analyze the major issues facing the European Union and France.

Firstly, the documentary “Europe faces war” takes us to the borders of NATO with Russia. Should we fear an armed conflict on European Union soil? Can diplomacy control this new cold war? Is the nuclear threat a reality?

With in particular: Kaja Kallas, Prime Minister of Estonia, Patrick Dutartre, Air Force general and former fighter pilot, Mart Noorma, director of CCDCOE, NATO Cyber Defense Center of Excellence, Alexandra by Hoop Scheffer, director of the German Marshall Fund of the United States Research Center, Mike Pence, former vice-president of the United States, General Jean-Paul Paloméros, former chief of staff of the Air Force and former Supreme Commander of NATO, Nils Schmid, German SPD MP, specialist in international issues, Marion Van Renterghem, senior reporter and Europe columnist at “L’Express”, Asma Mhalla, doctor in political studies, specialist in technological geopolitical issues , Frédéric Encel, doctor in geopolitics.

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