Behind Closed Doors: Delving into the Dark World of UAEs Smear Campaign and Islamophobia

In an enlightening article penned by journalist David Kirkpatrick and published in The New Yorker, a disturbing reality of smear campaigns and Islamophobia is brought to the forefront. The article delves into the harrowing tale of Hazim Nada, a young Muslim American who fell victim to a vicious smear campaign orchestrated by the UAE, with the assistance of the private Swiss intelligence agency ALP Services

This piece of writing sheds light on the hidden puppeteers behind these campaigns, the motivations that drive them, and the devastating consequences they inflict upon innocent lives. Understanding the impact of such campaigns is crucial for meaningful discussions surrounding Islamophobia, racial issues, and the application of Islamic law in the Western world.

Background and Success of Hazim Nada

Hazim Nada, a young Muslim American, achieved remarkable success in the realm of oil exports, amassing a fortune at a tender age. His father, who had a history with the Muslim Brotherhood, faced persecution and subsequently focused on becoming a prosperous entrepreneur, eventually immigrating to the United States.

The Origins of the Smear Campaign

Hazim Nada found himself at the center of a deliberate campaign orchestrated by ALP Services, with the sole purpose of linking him to an alleged Islamist universal conspiracy. 

This insidious campaign aimed to tarnish his reputation and brand him as a participant in a nefarious plot, utilizing various channels such as Wikipedia, financial institutions, and governments to disseminate false information about him.

The sinister objective behind this smear campaign was to obliterate Hazim Nada’s credibility and business, ultimately leading to his downfall and personal anguish. It is revealed that the origins of this campaign can be traced back to a Swiss journalist named Sylvain Besson, notorious for his Islamophobic writings, and his association with a dubious figure named Mario Brero.

The Role of Alp Services and the United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) sought the assistance of a company known as Alp Services, which is owned by Mario Brero. Alp Services specializes in tarnishing the reputations of Muslims and Islamists. Their primary objective was to conduct smear campaigns against individuals labeled as Islamists. Astonishingly, the Emiratis were more than willing to pay exorbitant amounts, totaling millions of dollars, for these destructive operations.

The Vicious Campaign against Hazim Nada

Alp Services orchestrated an intricate and malicious campaign against Hazim Nada. They employed various tactics, such as spreading false information, manipulating Wikipedia pages, and exerting influence over banks and governments to blacklist him. The consequences of this campaign were utterly devastating for Hazim. His multi-billion-dollar business crumbled, leading to bankruptcy, and even impacting his personal life, resulting in a divorce.

The Broader Network of Islamophobes and Collaborators

A network comprising journalists, academics, and writers is actively engaged in promoting Islamophobic discourses, with financial backing originating from the UAE and other interested parties. Among these individuals, scholars like Lorenzo Vidino, who hold influential positions at George Washington University, have been exposed for their questionable affiliations and Islamophobic viewpoints.

The Profitable Industry of Islamophobia

Islamophobia has become a profitable industry for certain academics and journalists who capitalize on spreading conspiracy theories and defaming Muslims. It is disheartening to witness the Muslim community’s indifference towards these figures, as their inadvertent support perpetuates the very network that seeks to marginalize and discriminate against them.

The prevalence of smear campaigns and Islamophobia demands profound introspection from both readers and the general public. It is high time for a collective awakening and a firm rejection of those who enable this destructive industry.

It is crucial to distinguish between those who genuinely uphold justice, dignity, and equity within Islam and those who promote a morally bankrupt interpretation of the faith. By confronting and distancing ourselves from the forces of Islamophobia, we can strive towards creating a more equitable and compassionate world, not only for Muslims but for everyone.

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