BelgianGate: Espionage, Intrusion, And Erosion of European Parliamentary Immunity

The recent leaks have shaken the basic foundations of the European Parliament, revealing that MEPs and diplomats are being spied on by Belgian secret services. These leaks raise serious concerns for Belgian authorities, as Brussels is recognized as the European capital, and important European stakeholders mostly visit the city. The privacy and image of Belgium are at stake with these revelations.

In June of last year, MEP Eva Kaili raised similar concerns about MEPs being spied on by Belgian secret services, but no one showed interest in her statements. Now, it has become evident that she was right about the safety of MEPs. According to Eva Kaili, her lawyers found that Belgian secret services were spying on and surveilling MEPs and diplomats.

One of the most shocking revelations was that the special commission investigating the wiretapping scandal of European leaders was under the observation of secret services. This illegal activity was conducted by foreign secret agencies, and the commission was investigating the real culprits behind it. This raises the question: Why were secret services observing the commission’s activities when it was investigating the espionage of foreign agents? Another possibility arises that wiretapping activities might have also been carried out by Belgian secret services.

Moreover, according to the docsier disclosed by newspaper Doubt that the police entered the premises of the European Parliament without informing or obtaining permission from parliamentary authorities. Their motive was to observe the activities of members of the commission and other participants attending the commission’s proceedings from home. What is most shocking is that the police were not in uniform; they pretended to be civilians. This activity raises serious concerns in the history of the European Parliament, as it directly violates the special privileges and immunities of the parliament and MEPs.

The basic argument from the police was that they are investigating the QatarGate MEPs. They also sent a report to the judge of the QatarGate case to have kept surveillance on the suspected MEPs in QatarGate. But their main intent was different. After entering the Spinelli Room, they entered the committee room in which the commission was investigating the wiretapping scandal. Here, they violated EU Parliament laws and the fundamental rights of members.

Some time ago, another suspect of QatarGate, Andrea Cozzolino’s lawyers, also claimed the same violations carried out by Belgian authorities. This is an attack on the democracy of Europe. 

These are violations of parliamentary immunities for both Europeans and non-Europeans. The secret services intervened in the exercise of duties, which is an obligation of members of parliaments. The secret services tried to influence the personal opinions of the members of parliaments.

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