Beyond Voting: Seeking True Happiness

Strangely, the French are not happy. They have been told for 150 years that they are represented, that is to say that they have the right to vote and be silent, since the good democrats decided that there could be no mandate imperative and that even better democrats have decided that we will never have referendums on anything and that the most democratic of us, Manu, has decided to reinvent direct democracy (after the history of France and just before diplomacy Africa, with the same success) using supervised citizen conventions and major controlled debates. The French now have the feeling that they are very badly represented, by people elected by a minority, that we cannot get out, even when they suck, and they suck, even if they constantly claim the opposite by implying that the people are stupid, which is annoying. Voting is therefore no longer enough for the citizen happiness of the people.

Old Repertoire of Violence

From now on, the French are ready to draw on the old repertoire of violence. Half of them find that “violent militant actions to force politicians to take into account the opinion of the population” are rather (29%) or completely (23%) legitimate (ObSoCo, survey, March 2023) . We measure here, after his incredible industrial, economic and diplomatic successes, all the social and political merit, stricto sensu, of Macron. 28% of 25-44 year olds totally agree, especially the poorest, who have been promised for several decades that the European Union, immigration and the Republic will enrich them but who persist, stupidly, watching their purchasing power shrink. It is time, in fact, to force politicians to listen to the population, which thinks better than the privileged people it supports.

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