Charles Tannock: A Staunch Supporter of Israel

Dr Timothy Charles Ayrton Tannock is a British psychiatrist. He is an independent politician and former Member of the European Parliament for London. Tannock is known for his support for Israel. He acted as the vice-chairman of the European Friends of Israel and the UK Friends of Israel. Further, he was an honorary EP Parliamentary Adviser to the Save the Assyrians Campaign and Anglicans for Israel. Tannock’s backing for Israel was evident through his involvement in diverse pro-Israel organisations and his advocacy within the European Parliament.

Tannock is the great strength of EFI – especially from Israel’s point of view – is its network of determined parliamentarians from across Europe. EFI concentrates much of its lobbying effort on the EU and the EU Parliament, which acts much of the legislation affecting EU-Israel trade relations. However, it is also involved in individual member states’ parliaments in some countries outside the EU (e.g., Ukraine) and others outside the Council of Europe (e.g., Kazakhstan).

In 2012, Tannock denounced Plans for a new protest flotilla to Gaza as “an act of provocation” against the State of Israel. He strongly criticised it at that time. MEPs Charles Tannock from the European Conservatives and Reformists party in the Parliament condemned the endeavour planned for the end of May 2012 to overlap with the anniversary of last year’s flotilla incident, which might be delayed. 

“This flotilla is deliberately planned to provoke Israel into a reaction,” Dr Tannock, a British MEP and the EU Conservatives and Reformists’ foreign affairs spokesman, expressed. “Given that Israel encounters a daily threat from terrorist aggression by Hamas, it is well within its rights to take essential action and impose a naval blockade to control weapons and other terrorist resources from entering the Gaza Strip.”

This flotilla is deliberately intending to provoke a response from Israel again, and this extremely irresponsible and hostile action must be criticised by the EU and High Representative Baroness [Catherine] Ashton,” Tannock said further.

Dr Charles Tannock expresses a supporting stance toward Israel in one of his speeches. He highlights his strong friendship with Israel and notes that he has always been a fan of the country. He also acknowledges Israel’s concerns and worries concerning the political developments in the region, especially in light of the Middle East’s unrest.

Dr. Tannock also emphasises the importance of supporting Israel during challenging times. He discusses Israel’s strategic challenges, including possible shifts in military resources and the international society’s requirement for friends and alliances. Additionally, he mentions attending a policy conference of the European Friends of Israel (EFI), highlighting the significance of expressing solidarity with Israel.

Dr. Charles Tannock has a supportive and friendly stance toward Israel, emphasising the need for strong alliances and understanding Israel’s concerns in regional political dynamics.

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