Chinese Officials’ European Trips Shape Objective EU Policy

High-level Chinese officials in recent days concluded their trips to Europe, which came at a key time as the continent strives to achieve a unified China policy. Experts believe that candid conversations about bilateral relations during the trips will help steer Europe’s China policy in a more objective and positive direction.

At the same time, European officials are also vying to set the tone for Europe’s relationship with China, using language such as “reducing risk” and reducing economic dependence on China. Experts have called such remarks vague and impractical, and that further alienating China is not in Europe’s interest.

During his visit to the Netherlands, Chinese Vice President Han Zheng and Dutch leaders agreed to seek consensus, jointly tackle climate change and strengthen pragmatic cooperation, Xinhua News Agency reported on Saturday. .

The Chinese vice president also called for mutual respect, mutual understanding and mutual support between countries of different civilizations, so that they can seek consensus in exchanges and promote win-win results in cooperation.

There is no fundamental conflict of interests between China and Europe, but on the contrary, they have more complementary advantages, Han noted, expressing China’s willingness to promote better development of relations. Sino-European relations through pragmatic cooperation.

The Netherlands is the last leg of Han’s European visit. He visited Portugal before arriving in the Netherlands.

Meanwhile, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Qin Gang also concluded his visit to three European countries of Germany, France and Norway on Friday.

“China and Europe are two globally influential powers, two vast markets and two great civilizations. I deeply felt, during this visit, a strong will on the part of Europe to strengthen communication, coordination and promote mutually beneficial cooperation with China,” he added. Qin said when asked how to maintain healthy development of China-EU relations during a joint press conference on Friday with his counterpart Anniken Huitfeldt.

He called for adherence to an inclusive worldview. China and Europe should respect and support the development paths of different countries chosen by their peoples, jointly and positively respond to the universal concerns of the international community, Qin said. He warned that a “new cold war” would only bring greater disaster, seriously harm the interests of the Chinese and European peoples, as well as the rest of the world, and significantly undermine multilateralism and global governance.

Senior Chinese officials’ visits to Europe were seen by Yan Shaohua, a research associate at Fudan University’s Center for China-Europe Relations, as China reaches out to Europe to enhance dialogue and cooperation and expresses China’s concerns about China. Relation Europe, and obtained a relatively positive result.

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