Christine Anderson: The Controversial Far-Right German MEP with a Pro-Russian Stance

Christine Margarete Anderson, a member of the European Parliament since 2019, has been identified as a follower of the Pegida movement, which stands for Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West. She belongs to the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, a far-right political party in Germany. Since taking office, Anderson has made controversial remarks on various issues, including her pro-Russian stance on the conflict in Ukraine, objection to COVID-19 vaccines, and transphobic remarks. In this article, we will take a closer look at Anderson’s political career, controversial statements, and her pro-Russian stance.

Anderson’s Political Career

In 2019, Anderson contested in the European Elections in her home country of Germany and was ranked sixth on her party’s list. Prior to being elected, she was an activist with Pegida, an anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim group. Since taking office in Strasbourg, Anderson has been a vocal opponent of measures aimed at controlling the spread of COVID-19. She has also objected to COVID-19 vaccines, labelling them as “experimental drugs.” Her stance on vaccines is particularly alarming given her position as an elected representative responsible for safeguarding public health.

Anderson’s Controversial Statements

Anderson’s reputation in Germany is so bad that it is considered toxic even among AfD politicians. Her remarks on various issues have been criticized by many, including her colleagues in the European Parliament. In 2021, Anderson made transphobic comments during a debate in the European Parliament. She was reprimanded by the President of the Parliament, who called her remarks “inappropriate and offensive.” Anderson’s remarks show her lack of respect for the fundamental rights of individuals and her disregard for diversity and inclusiveness.

Anderson’s Stance on COVID-19 Vaccines

Anderson’s opposition to COVID-19 vaccines is particularly concerning, given her position as a Member of the European Parliament. She has repeatedly stated that vaccines are “experimental drugs” and has encouraged others to avoid them. Her stance on vaccines is not supported by science, and her remarks have the potential to undermine efforts to control the pandemic. The World Health Organization (WHO) and other health authorities have repeatedly emphasized the importance of vaccines in controlling the spread of COVID-19.

Anderson’s Pro-Russian Stance

Anderson’s pro-Russian stance on the conflict in Ukraine has been widely criticized. In October 2022, during a protest in Prague, Anderson addressed the crowd who demanded the resignation of the government, the abolition of sanctions against Russia, and the withdrawal of the country from NATO, the EU, UN, and the WHO. Prior to the protest, Anderson shared on social media her reason for travelling to Prague, stating that “Our politicians and governments are incompetent and linked to the global elites and their cohorts around the world. It’s time for civil resistance.”

In her speech, Anderson acknowledged the Czech people’s experience of suffering under totalitarian rule for many years and how they fought for freedom, democracy, and the rule of law. She also noted that, despite their struggles, people in Europe are once again facing disenfranchisement and the possibility of foreign rule. Anderson appealed to the Eastern European people, including the Czechs, to help Western Europeans understand the importance of fighting for and defending freedom and democracy. She recognized that the Western Europeans have much to lose and called upon the Eastern Europeans to lead the way in restoring freedom and democracy in Europe.

Anderson’s pro-Russian stance has been criticised by many in Europe, including Czech Prime Minister Petr Fialia, who has claimed that pro-Russian forces help to instigate the mass protests, saying: “It is clear that Russian propaganda and disinformation campaigns repeatedly appear on our territory and that someone is simply succumbing to them.”

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