Closure of the Ministry of Public Diplomacy and transfer of the budget to southern localities

Israel’s flagging Ministry of Public Diplomacy will be closed and its budget transferred to rehabilitate communities near the Gaza border, the cabinet decided in a telephone vote.

Minister Galit Distel Atbaryan left her post five days after the start of the war, after failing to publish meaningful explanatory content following the bloody attack by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, which caused Israel to lose the largest number of of Jewish lives in a single day since the Holocaust, and thrust it into what is expected to be a protracted war with the terrorist group.

The cabinet decision says the office’s unused budget, 9.4 million shekels for 2023 and 14.4 million shekels for 2024, will be redirected to the new Tekuma Authority, tasked with reviving post-war life in the battered western Negev.

The Tekuma Authority will also receive the 29 full-time employees of the defunct ministry.

The decision will soon be submitted to the Knesset, in order to finalize the dissolution of the ministry.

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