Constantine: Seizure Of 6,600 Capsules Of Pregabalin

Clearly, traffickers of psychotropic drugs stop at nothing and use all means to continue to flood the market with products in high demand, and a source of significant income.

At the same time, mobilizing the security services remains the only way to deal with it.
This is the case of the case handled this week by the banditry repression brigade (BRB) under the judicial police services of the safety of the wilaya of Constantine.

According to a press release from this constituted body, the exploitation of information indicating the intention of two people from an eastern wilaya to transport a large quantity of psychotropic drugs intended to be sold in a neighboring wilaya by transiting through Constantine thwarted this attempt.

At a checkpoint set up in the town of El Khroub, a Renault Logan brand vehicle was apprehended. The search of the car revealed 6600 capsules of Pregabalin of foreign production, in plates carefully concealed in the trim of the rear doors.

After the seizure of the goods, and the establishment of a criminal file against them, the two passengers of the vehicle, aged 41 and 43, will be presented before the prosecution for illegal exercise of the health profession and trafficking in psychotropic drugs. .

As a reminder, this operation takes place seven days after that which allowed the seizure of 21,000 capsules of the same product intended to be sold in Constantine, and under the same conditions, that is to say with the use of a vehicle coming from a wilaya of the East, with the arrest of six people involving.

This means that well-organized networks are still active in this lucrative but also very dangerous niche by targeting their clientele among young people.

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