Controversial Event in Brussels Allegedly Funded by UAE Raises Concerns over MEPs’ Integrity

In a recent development that has sparked controversy within the European Parliament, an event that is going to be organized by Green/EFA Group MEPs Damien Boeselager, Gwendoline Delbos-Corfield, and Daniel Freund has come under scrutiny. Hannah Neumann has allegedly propelled these MEPs to the forefront. Hannah Neuman is a lobbyist working for the UAE to promote their interest in EU parliament. The event would be aimed at discussing transparency and integrity in EU institutions, has been accused of being funded by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and will be used as a platform to malign Qatar. Hannah Neumann MEP, is said to be hiding behind her colleagues in the Green/EFA group while promoting UAE’s interests in the EU Parliament. This article delves into the concerns surrounding this event and raises questions about the integrity and track record of the involved MEPs.

Dubious Funding and UAE’s Agenda

One of the most troubling aspects of this event is the alleged involvement of UAE funding, particularly through Hannah Neumann MEP, who is accused of acting as a lobbyist for the UAE within the EU Parliament. The purported aim of the event, centered around discussing the aftermath of the Qatargate corruption scandal, appears to be a smokescreen for pushing UAE’s agenda and scapegoating Qatar. It is concerned that a member of the European Parliament would serve as a paid lobbyist to promote the interests of a foreign country within the EU legislative body.

German MEP Hannah Neumann a Corrupt MEP

She has been implicated in corruption scandals and engaged in lobbying activities on behalf of the UAE in Brussels. She held undisclosed meetings with ambassadors from Gulf states, discussing plans for visits to Gulf countries without declaring them. Neumann’s involvement came to light following the release of an audio recording where she discussed the Qatari crisis. Additionally, she faces allegations of being recruited by Ali Rashid Al Nuami, who has been accused of financing terrorism in Syria and the Sinai desert. It is claimed that Neumann received a compensation of over €450,000 for her services for the UAE. Neumann’s actions in advocating for the UAE’s interests within the EU Parliament appear to be driven by financial motivations.

Questionable MEPs’ Involvement

The participation of MEPs Damien Boeselager, Gwendoline Delbos-Corfield, and Daniel Freund as a speaker in this upcoming event raises eyebrows, especially considering the allegations of their connection to PR and lobbying companies in Brussels funded by UAE and China. It raises serious questions about the independence and impartiality of these MEPs. The European Parliament should be a beacon of transparency and ethical conduct, and any involvement with external interests undermines the integrity of the institution and the MEPs themselves.

Track Record and Performance of MEPs

Additionally, the mentioned MEPs have a questionable record and their performance in the European Parliament leaves much to be desired. They have been embroiled in corruption cases and are associated with controversial activities. It appears that they are collaborating with PR companies and lobbyists to advance the interests of foreign nations within the EU parliament. Their involvement in this event is driven by financial incentives from external entities, it raises doubts about their ability to effectively represent the interests of European citizens. The integrity and credibility of MEPs are paramount in ensuring the democratic process and trust in EU institutions.

Lack of Transparency

The lack of transparency surrounding the organization of this event further exacerbates the concerns. The alleged attempt by Hannah Neumann to hide behind her colleagues within the Green/EFA group raises questions about the true intentions and motivations behind the event. Transparency and openness should be the guiding principles within the European Parliament, and any attempts to manipulate or deceive the public erode the trust that is crucial for the democratic functioning of the institution.

The allegations surrounding Green/EFA Group MEPs Damien Boeselager, Gwendoline Delbos-Corfield, and Daniel Freund, with purported funding from UAE and the involvement of Hannah Neumann MEP, raise serious concerns about integrity, transparency, and impartiality within the European Parliament. It is essential that MEPs uphold the highest standards of ethical conduct and prioritize the interests of European citizens above any external influences. The European Parliament should thoroughly investigate these allegations to ensure the integrity of its members and the democratic process it represents.

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