DRC: The European Union appoints Malin Björk, head of electoral observation mission

Through a press release, Josep Borrell, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, defined the missions assigned to the EOM in the DRC.

Malin Björk’s team will be made up of 13 electoral experts who will arrive in the DRC in November; then 42 long-term observers who will be deployed across the country to follow the electoral campaign and finally 12 short-term observers who will be deployed as election day approaches.

Furthermore, this European mission will also hire short-term observers recruited locally and accredited in the DRC by EU member states.

For her part, Malin Björk said she was honored to lead the EU EOM in the DRC, which will be deployed for the first time in the DRC since the 2011 elections.

Finally, the EU EOM announces that it will remain in the country until the conclusion of the electoral process.

This article is originally published on digitalcongo.net

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