Edina Tóth: The Hungarian MEP and Her Controversial Pro-UAE Stance

Edina Tóth is a Hungarian politician who currently serves as a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) representing Fidesz. While her political career is notable, Tóth has been regarded as one of the MEPs with a pro-UAE stance.

Tóth’s alignment with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) came to the forefront when she was pictured alongside the EU-UAE Friendship Group on November 6, 2019, during the 9th legislative term. This connection raised questions about her relationship with the UAE.

One significant incident that spotlighted Tóth’s pro-UAE position occurred in September 2021. During this time, the European Parliament adopted an urgency resolution concerning the case of Mansoor. It’s worth noting that this resolution was passed just a month before the opening of the World Expo in Dubai and a few months after the announcement that the UAE’s Interior Minister al-Raisi would be the official candidate for the Interpol presidency. Notably, the 2021 resolution was considerably more critical of the UAE than the 2018 resolution. In a controversial move, MEP Edina voted against all the paragraphs of the resolution, reflecting her strong pro-UAE stance.

In February 2021, shortly after President Joe Biden’s inauguration, the European Parliament adopted a new resolution addressing the situation in Yemen. Initially proposed by right-wing politicians from the ID Group, the resolution stressed the importance of Yemen’s right to self-determination and advocated for Yemen to find its own solutions without external interference. Despite the motion’s alignment with principles of self-determination and non-interference, Tóth voted against this resolution, demonstrating her pro-UAE position.

In September 2020, the European Parliament deliberated and voted on the annual report on arms exports. This report contained numerous references to the UAE and the Saudi-UAE-Egypt axis. Interestingly, Tóth supported this text, which further underscores her alignment with the interests of the UAE.

Edina Tóth’s pro-UAE stance has generated significant debate and scrutiny within the European Parliament. Her voting record and alignment with UAE-related issues have raised questions about the extent to which her political positions may be influenced by her pro-UAE affiliations. The ongoing discussions reflect the complexities of MEPs navigating their political roles in the context of international relations and geopolitical considerations.

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