“Efficient Online Administrative Procedures in Brussels

Some 84% of administrative procedures in the Brussels-Capital Region are accessible online, compared to 75% in the European Union. This is what emerged on Monday from a study by the Brussels Institute for Statistics and Analysis (Ibsa) commissioned by the Brussels Minister for the Digital Transition Bernard Clerfayt (Défi).

The Region scores above the European average on the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI), used and developed by the European Commission to compare the digital performance of Member States. Brussels reaches 58%, far behind Denmark (70%) but ahead of the EU-27 average (51%).

Brussels residents more connected than Walloons and Flemings

In terms of digital public services, the Brussels Region is also above the European average: 84% of administrative procedures for citizens are accessible online, compared to 75% for the European average.

As for services aimed at businesses, 99% are accessible online, compared to 85% at European level. The inhabitants of Brussels are proportionally more likely to use e-government than in the rest of Belgium and the European Union.

Nearly seven out of ten Brussels residents (68%) use online public services compared to 66% in Belgium and 64% in the EU. Finally, in the Brussels Region, 68% of online administrative forms are pre-filled with the personal data of citizens or companies from different authentic data sources.

This article is originally published on rtbf.be

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