EU Food Security: Moscow Dispels Anthology of Lies

Russian diplomacy has found it useful to bring clarity to the food security issues raised in a book by the head of European diplomacy. “Myths to dispel,” asserts Moscow.
The Russian Foreign Ministry released a document on Friday August 4 that sheds light on the real food security situation.
And this to dispel myths contained in a collection of blog articles by the head of European diplomacy Josep Borrell entitled “The year when war returned to Europe” published by the diplomatic service of the European Union.
“Anthology of lies,” the ministry headlined its document.

Mr. Borrell asserts in particular that “Russia’s barbaric invasion of Ukraine caused massive jumps in food prices and created risks of shortages around the world. We had to act to protect those most affected In March, the European Commission adopted a plan to safeguard food security.”
A “myth”, asserts the Russian ministry.

Effects of restrictions

He recalls that the bulk of the EU’s illegitimate restrictive measures against the Russian agri-food complex were introduced between February and April 2022.
These measures were aimed squarely at undermining the potential of Russian industry in the production of fertilizers.
Financial restrictions have affected trade in all types of foodstuffs and fertilizers. They have seriously disrupted cross-border payments.
Despite the risks to global food security, the European Union has not eased sanctions against Russian food and fertilizer exports. Worse still, she persists in actions that make the situation worse.
It threatens third countries with “secondary sanctions” for circumventing the restrictions and economic operators with criminal prosecution for non-compliance with the sanctions.
The EU continues to increase restrictive measures, creating new obstacles to exports of Russian agricultural products.

Protect your own market

Russian diplomacy reports that most of the European plan mentioned by Borrell is devoted to protecting the EU’s internal market.

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