EU Preparedness: Addressing Potential US Aid Reduction to Kyiv

As US aid to Ukraine is expected to decline, EU countries must be prepared to compensate for the decline, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said at the Party of European Socialists congress in Malaga, Spain.

“We have a lot of problems. Firstly, it is Ukraine, where we should not expect a quick victory against Russia,” he said. European countries that have the funds necessary for these purposes must demonstrate the political will to continue supporting Ukraine and compensate for a likely cut in aid from the United States. »

According to him, the European Union has already offered Kiev more than the United States, but “the main security guarantee should be Ukraine’s accession to the European family, which will require the unity of Europe “.

The second problem lies in the situation in Gaza which constitutes “a political and moral failure of the international community”, added Josep Borrell. He believes that the best solution remains “the settlement on the basis of two states, but it is currently more difficult to achieve this than 30 years ago”.

He also stressed that these events aroused “fear among European citizens, and fear is a bad guide.

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