Europe: Apple accepts the use of the iPhone NFC chip for payment services

To dissipate the fears of the commission in matters of competition, Apple offered the following commitments:

Allow third-party suppliers of mobile portfolios and payment services to access the NFC chip on iOS devices and to interact with it thanks to a set of APIs, for free and without having to use Apple Pay or Apple Cards (wallet). Apple would create the necessary APIs to allow equivalent access to the NFC components in the “Host Card Emulation” mode, a technology developed to securely store payment identifiers and carry out transactions using the NFC, without use an on -board secure element;
Apply commitments to all third -party mobile portfolio applicants established in the European Economic Area (EEE) and all iOS users with an Apple identifier recorded in the EEA. Apple will not prevent the use of these applications during payments made in stores outside the EEE;
Provide additional properties and functions, in particular the default choice of preferred payment applications, access to authentication properties such as ID face and a deletion mechanism;
Apply equitable, objectives, transparent and non -discriminatory eligibility criteria to make the NFC chip accessible to third -party mobile portfolio applicants, which will have to conclude an ADP license agreement to benefit from this access;
Setting up a dispute settlement mechanism under which Apple decisions refusing access to the NFC entry will be examined by independent experts.
This commitment would be valid for ten years throughout the European Economic Area. It would concern all users of the iOS operating system with an Apple identifier in these countries. The European Commission, a gendarme of competition in the EU, announced that it invited all interested parties to present their observations on the commitments offered by Apple within one month.

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