European Circus Delights at La Grainerie

The 10th edition of the European Circus began on Tuesday and will pass through the Grainerie, the Balmanese circus arts factory, on Saturdays 14 and 21. However, the event is also held in Toulouse and Tournefeuille. “We discover creations with rich universes, comic or tragic, intergenerational, often engaged and always inventive,” specify the Grainerie services. Shows by companies from a dozen countries, which go well beyond the borders of Europe, including France, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Chile, Japan, Brazil, Hong Kong…

kyiv circus school

In Balma, the Ukrainian circus Inshi will present “Dreams” on Saturday the 14th at 6 p.m. Eight artists from the Kiev circus school will unveil spectacular performances combining balancing acts, dance, juggling, tightrope, acrobatics and contortion. Each artist tells their story and the dream they had before February 24, 2022, when the Russian army invaded Ukraine. Still at the Grainerie, the Bolbol company will perform on Saturday 21 at 5 p.m. with “Omâ or the privileges of the potato”. This circus autofiction explores the chance of our origins and the advantages that result from it. On the track, Iranian-German artist Roxana Küwen Arsalan leads a quest intended to unmask the absurdity of categorizations. Bitter, sometimes comical or ironic, Roxana accompanies the audience in a meeting full of unexpected things with her Iranian and German grandmothers. “Juggling, movement and speech complement each other here to demonstrate the beauty of making life complicated to be completely yourself,” announce the Grainerie teams. Then, again on Saturday the 21st, the Supérette-Édouard Peurichard will present “The Warrior’s Rest” from 6:30 p.m. A “alone on stage” show which provides an intimate look at the journey of a circus artist, acrobat and knife thrower . “Scenes experienced, fantasized or sometimes even completely plagiarized, tell the story of a whole generation of amateur and professional circus performers,” explains the company.

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