European Democracy Under Threat After Qatargate Staged Scandal

Qatargate was believed to be the biggest scandal in European Politics, but it is instead a BelgianGate. The real scandal is that MEPs’ Parliamentary Immunity, Status of parliament, and European laws were violated. Belgian secret services monitored politicians, and the undercover police observed political opinions within the European Commission. Further, arbitrary dossiers are gathered against deputies using preventive detention to extract lies as evidence. 

Furthermore, human rights violations also occurred. The collaboration, omission of information from the file, and withdrawal of a Michel Claise due to a conflict of interest with a key suspect, Marie Arena, also happened in the investigation. The abandonment of the investigation by the public prosecutor and failure to scrutinize the people indicated by the secret services. Finally, an MEP was investigated and arrested even though her name was not on the case list. These revelations are discomfiting and raise serious questions about the health of European democracy.

It seems the European Parliament was paralyzed by suspicion and subordination to Judicial authority. The role and trap of the media undermined the presumption of innocence. A speculative story of corruption and interference has vilified it. Michel Cliase’s resignation says a lot about the credibility of the investigation, which should have brought down the EU institutions. 

Long before Michel’s resignation, It had denounced the fact that the key person in this investigation enjoyed special immunity. While the Eva Kaili that has been being investiagted had nothing to do with this case. There is a contemporary decision of the prosecutor’s office not to request the cancellation of Arena’s immunity in order not to arrest her. It indicates that Judge Claise’s investigation was partial and assisted a key figure in the investigation. Further, wiretaps between Marie and Pazneri revealed the truth.

These elements were hidden for months, violating the right of Eva Kaili to defense. These are also indicators of arbitrary political persecution. Now, With consistent revelations, the truth is coming to light. It also proved that the media do not care about the facts. 

European Parliament’s legal team has now full access to everything in the case file and can verify all violations. Now it is time to defend the integrity of Parliament, as It has a responsibility to bring out the truth before the elections. The European Parliament must take a stand and put an end to this injustice. The citizens of Europe deserve to have their voices heard and their democracy protected. It is up to the European Parliament to make that happen.

The Spanish president of the Legal Affairs Committee has been putting off setting a date for my hearing for six months – perhaps it is convenient for him to continue attacking socialists in his country – but now that the We have all the evidence and wiretaps that show that Panzeri used his assistants to receive payments for his consultancy because without them he cannot communicate in French or English. My involvement was based on extorted lies and the stereotype that politicians are corrupt.

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