European Elections: Junge Alternative Chooses Tomasz Froelich As Top Candidate

At the weekend, the Young Alternative for Germany unanimously nominated Tomasz Froelich as their top candidate for the European elections at their federal convention in Mainz. Born in Hamburg, he studied socio-economics, political science and international development in Vienna.

Hannes Gnauck, national chairman of the Young Alternative for Germany and AfD member of the Bundestag, comments on the election as follows:

“Tomasz is the right man for Brussels. He’s already done great things behind the scenes. For example, he was involved in founding the ID group in the EU Parliament, sitting at the negotiating table with Marine Le Pen and Matteo Salvini. There are few among the up-and-coming politicians of the AfD with Tomasz’s political profile and personality. With his inter-European competence and ideological foundations, he is made for the tasks in Brussels. He will be a great asset to the delegation in the EU Parliament. I am proud to call him my deputy and loyal comrade-in-arms!”

Tomasz Froelich comments on his election as follows:

“The strong vote is a great honor and a mission at the same time. In these turbulent times, Germany and Europe are facing major challenges. However, the European Union is in such a desolate state that it is not up to these challenges. It should be abolished in its present form.

Nevertheless, a European alliance policy is needed, especially in economic, security and defense policy issues. In the emerging multipolar world order, the creation of a European pole is necessary if the states of Europe want to be negotiators in the future, instead of just being the bargaining chip of foreign hegemonic powers. As Germans, it must be our aim to become the force that regulates this European pole.

So it’s about your own strength and sovereignty. We no longer want to be anyone’s vassal or purser. The Ukraine war shows that an honest order of peace and a stable security architecture in Europe are only possible if we, as Germans and Europeans, shape our diplomacy based on our own interests, not those of others.

To do this, we must free ourselves from hegemonic influences and dependencies on foreign great powers.

In the EU Parliament, the AfD will have to develop even more clout. It’s no use getting involved with the rules of the Brussels party cartel. The AfD delegation in the EU Parliament must become even more of a powerhouse and think tank for our party. Important for this is an intensive involvement of actors from the pre-political area, the rooting at the party basis, the interlocking with all existing parliamentary groups in the federal states and in the federal government, a strong focus on public relations and the further expansion of our international networks.

Background: The AfD selects its list for the European elections at the end of July and beginning of August in Magdeburg.

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