European Union Aims to Strengthen External Border Protection

Faced with the massive influx of migrants in recent weeks on the island of Lampedusa in Italy, member countries of the European Union are seeking unity. This Sunday, François Hollande was the guest of the show “It’s not every day Sunday” on BFMTV. The opportunity for the former President of the Republic to express his point of view on the migration crisis, a very divisive subject within his political family.

“There are rules that must be laid down,” the socialist said in the preamble to Benjamin Duhamel. François Hollande firstly recommends “better protecting the external borders of the European Union”. The former tenant of the Élysée also considered that we must encourage work “with transit countries” such as Tunisia, Libya and even Turkey, while taking “sanctions” if the said countries do not respect Agreements.

Increase expulsions of migrants not eligible for asylum

On a national scale, François Hollande believes that asylum requests must be processed “much more quickly”, while regularizing undocumented workers. A position close to that of the government, which defends the “job in tension” aspect of its immigration bill. However, the former President of the Republic says he is skeptical about the need for an additional law, arguing that it is necessary to create civil servant positions to process these regularizations.

Finally, François Hollande recommends returning from French territory undocumented immigrants who have had their right to asylum rejected. A “difficult” policy to pursue, admitted the socialist, who added that the solution lies once again in partnerships with the countries of origin of migrants.

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