Europe’s Senegalese Diplomats Face Homelessness

Senegalese diplomats stationed in Europe and America complain of delays in the payment of their housing allowances. They point out a situation that makes them uncomfortable in front of their peers from other countries, who would be aware of their situation, and heckles their solvency with real estate agencies and banks.

“Today, real estate developers in certain cities are spreading the word not to give housing to Senegalese anymore, confides a diplomat who spoke with Le Quotidien. Most expatriate diplomats have received formal notices from their landlords for defaulting on rent payments and bank credit. We don’t get our benefits on time. We don’t understand. It’s disgraceful.”

Contacted by Le Quotidien, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs assured that it was up to date with the payment of housing allowances to beneficiaries established in Senegal’s diplomatic representations abroad. “Credits for the 1st semester (January-June) have been fully delegated. We are on July 20, we cannot speak of formal notice or late payment”, answer the services of Aïssata Tall Sall, the head of Senegalese diplomacy.

If they admit that “there have been delays in the past”, they assure that these oddities are ancient history. “This year, swears the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the department, with the support of the Ministry of Finance, is up to date in terms of Il (housing allowance), and as regards the second semester (July-December), the necessary is done in the system, and shortly they will collect their due.

Despite these assurances of guardianship, one of the diplomats who sounded the alarm in Le Quotidien is formal: “Diplomats may be expelled in the coming days (from their homes).” One of his colleagues adds: “We are no longer credible at the level of banks and real estate agencies. I don’t know if the President knows about it, but we have to fight to change the situation. We are terrified.”

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