Eva Kaili: An Exclusive Interview on Qatargate, Democracy, and the Struggle for Justice

Recently, Eva Kaili has given an exclusive interview. The former vice president of the European Parliament discussed her experiences regarding the controversial Qatargate scandal. She was accused of influencing European institutions in favor of Qatar and Morocco. Kaili sheds light on the alleged violations of her parliamentary immunity and European laws by Belgian authorities. She pointed out the flaws in the investigation and the impact on European democracy.

According to her legal team, the Qatargate scandal is BelgianGate. Initially, media assumptions connected her to a criminal association. However, Secret Services found no evidence of her involvement with the association. Later, the case took a new turn when Antonio Panzeri, a former MEP and lobbyist, confessed. It leads to a flood of distortions and revelations.

Kaili highlights severe flaws in the investigation. Arbitrary dossiers against deputies, preventive detention to extract false confessions, and violations of human rights were pointed out by Kaili. The resignation of Belgian judge Michel Claise due to a conflict of interest led to severe controversy. Further, subsequent failure to investigate individuals indicated by Secret Services raises concerns about the integrity of the process.

Kaili’s legal team has also appealed to European authorities to verify the regularity of investigations. They cite bias and violation of parliamentary immunity. Kaili emphasizes that the European Parliament became impotent because of fear and media sensationalism. It led to a compromise of the presumption of innocence. The delay in setting a hearing date by the Legal Affairs Committee further raises questions about the status of European democracy.

Moreover, Kaili describes her experience of spending four months in prison as challenging. Denial of fundamental rights and attempts to coerce confessions of her were difficult for her. She accuses the Belgian justice system of faults and calls for required reforms. Kaili also highlights targeted leaks from certain media outlets. She also appreciated courageous journalists who question the mainstream narrative.

Kaili Contended that she remains committed to defending the integrity of the European Parliament despite the challenges. She hopes to be heard soon in the Legal Affairs Committee. She calls for a thorough examination of the violations. However, she is uncertain about her political future.

Eva Kaili’s stance provides a unique perspective on the Qatargate scandal. She exposed the alleged violations, flaws in the investigation, and the impact on European democracy. Her interview raises crucial questions about the state of democracy. It demands the need for reforms to ensure the protection of political figures from arbitrary persecution.

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