For the umpteenth time, the European Union imposes constraints on Apple

After replacing the Lightning port with USB-C, then imposing sideloading, the European Commission has once again imposed its regulations on Apple. This time, it concerns the payment systems and the NFC chip of the iPhone.

The iPhone’s NFC chip opens up to competition

Until now, the latter was only compatible with Apple Pay, and in line with the previous measures it has taken, the European Union would like Apple to open up more to competition. This would notably result in iPhone support for third-party NFC payment systems, such as Google Pay, PayPal, AliPay, or certain banks that offer this service.

This means that from now on, iPhone owners will be able, if they wish, to pay as easily as with Apple Pay in stores, but with any third-party system that allows it.

An easy measure for Apple to accept

This time, and unlike sideloading for example, Apple did not flinch and did not hesitate to accept the measure. This is because by requiring Apple to allow applications to offer external payment links, it deprives Cupertino of the 30% commission it usually charges on each transaction.

This has given rise to numerous disputes, with on the one hand certain applications which formally refuse to pay this 30%, and on the other, Apple which has already wished to prevent creators operating on the App Store from acting in this way. sort. To do this, he regularly simply closes some of them.

In the case of opening the iPhone’s NFC to third-party payment services, this type of dispute does not arise given that Cupertino does not make money on transactions carried out with Apple Pay. As mentioned on the site, “Apple does not charge any fees when you use Apple Pay in-store, online or in apps. »There is therefore no loss of earnings here for the Apple firm.

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