Forging Modern Diplomacy: Strength Through Comprehensive Approach

Promoting its glorious tradition, the diplomatic sector under the leadership of the Party is determined to build a strong, comprehensive and modern Vietnamese diplomacy, making its deserved contributions to the successful implementation of the resolution and foreign policy of the Thirteenth National Party Congress. , said Bùi Thanh Son.

The official reviewed the major milestones of Vietnamese diplomacy, from its creation by President Ho Chi Minh, who was both Minister of Foreign Affairs, to the August Revolution, to the two wars of resistance, to the implementation implementation of the Party’s renewal policy in foreign affairs and at the Thirteenth National Party Congress.

Currently, Vietnam maintains diplomatic relations with 192 countries and economic and trade relations with more than 230 countries and territories.

In accordance with the foreign policy of independence, self-reliance, multilateralization, diversification, peace, friendship, cooperation and development, unwavering in its principles but flexible in its strategy and behavior, Vietnam has properly managed many highly complex international issues, while maintaining the overall foreign policy situation conducive to the country’s development and national defense.

Vietnam’s diplomatic sector works for the vigorous renovation of mentalities and actions, inherits and promotes the national diplomatic tradition, creatively applies Ho Chi Minh thought on diplomacy, adheres to the foreign policy of the XIII National Congress of Party, selectively absorbs the progressive thoughts of mankind, with a view to meeting the development demands of the country and the diplomatic sector in the current period, he said.

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