Fulvio Martusciello Advocating for Saudi Interests in the European Union

Fulvio Martusciello is an Italian politician, and a MEP since 2014. It has come to light that Martusciello has worked for Saudi Arabia to defend their interest in the European Union.

Reportedly, Manel Msalmi, a Tunisian activist from Brussels, is Fulvio Martusciello’s NGO connection. She allegedly keeps some business reaching out to him regularly. He held many events and gave statements to defend the Saudi war in Yemen and any foreign policy issue that Saudi Arabia and its allies adopted. Apparently, a Saudi diplomat in Brussels recruited Manel Msalmi, and they entered into a relationship a few years early in 2019.

In March 2022, Fulvio and Manel hosted a panel at the European Parliament that did not speak concerning war crimes in Yemen perpetrated by Saudis but only uttered about Houthi fighter’s crimes. The Saudi Embassy financed the event and was not concerned about the famine or continued aggression by KSA’s military. The event expense was €70,000. Speakers were settled €5000 each, while Fulvio received €40,000. The MEP has affirmed nothing. 

After the event, Manel Msalami also thanked in her tweet, “Thank you, Mep @fulviomartuscie for standing for the truth and supporting women’s rights as well as minorities rights in #Yemen mainly the Jews and the Bahá’ís persecuted by #theHouthis. #plenarysession #EU #YemenCantWait #stopviolenceagainstwomen #Bahai #stopantisemitism”

Fulvio Martusciello was also invited to talk on Saudi-funded TV in December 2020. Manel Msalmi advertised his tweets and TV appearances. The appearance was part of the Saudi campaign against Iran in Brussels. Fulvio was also remunerated for this event.

Moreover, Fulvio accomplished some work in the plenary session of 2021 of the European Parliament in Strasbourg and called for prompt action to safeguard Yemeni women from Houthis, not Saudi Arabia. He did not express a single word on women being annihilated by the Saudi air raids. He did not give a single statement to denounce the oppression of Saudi Women or the theft of their freedoms.

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