G7 Foreign Ministers Address Gaza’s Future

G7 foreign ministers discussed ways to revive peace efforts in the Middle East, as well as the “day after” in the Gaza Strip.

The members of the G7 – Germany, Canada, the United States, France, Great Britain, Italy and Japan – and representatives of the European Union are meeting for two days in Tokyo to discuss in particular the consequences of the conflict in the Middle East. The issue was discussed at a working dinner on Tuesday evening, Japan said in a statement. No details of the discussions regarding what would happen if Hamas were driven out of the Gaza Strip have been disclosed.

Israel, which is carrying out a bombing campaign in the Palestinian enclave in retaliation for the deadly Hamas attack on its soil on October 7, has not specified what its long-term plans were regarding Gaza.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced this week that the Jewish state would have “security responsibility” for the Palestinian enclave for an indefinite period.

However, Israel’s foreign minister told the Wall Street Journal that Israel wanted to see the enclave administered by an international coalition or by local political leaders.

G7 foreign ministers are expected to issue a joint statement later on Wednesday.

The conflict between Israel and Hamas has so far only been the subject of a single joint declaration since the October 7 attack.

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