Hamas-Israel war: who are the 135 hostages, alive or dead, still detained in Gaza?

More than two months after the tragic day of October 7, what happened to the various people taken hostage? A hundred men, including fathers of released children, around fifteen women, lifeless bodies…

Nearly two weeks after the resumption of fighting between Hamas and Israel, we explain to you what we know about the hostages still captive in the Gaza Strip.

110 releases, five bodies repatriated
Of the approximately 250 hostages and bodies transported to the Gaza Strip on October 7, the day of the Hamas attack, 135 are still held by Hamas and its allies, according to the latest figures released Tuesday by Israeli authorities.

To date, 110 hostages have been released: 105 during the seven-day truce at the end of November, five before the truce. In detail, 33 minors, 49 adult women, as well as 28 adult men, mainly Thai farm workers, were released.

Israel also managed to repatriate five bodies. The last two, whose repatriation was announced on Tuesday, are those of Eden Zachariya (28 years old), kidnapped during the Tribe of Nova techno music festival, and Ziv Dado (36 years old), a soldier killed on October 7 and whose the body had been taken to Gaza.

118 hostages and 17 bodies still in Gaza
As of December 13, 118 hostages presumed alive are still detained in Gaza, eight bodies of dead hostages in Gaza and nine bodies of people who died during the October 7 attack and taken to Palestinian territory. Of the 118 hostages presumed alive, 107 are Israelis or dual nationals with Israeli nationality, eleven are foreign hostages (eight Thais, one Tanzanian, one Nepalese and the Franco-Mexican Orion Hernandez Radoux).

However, it is not certain that they are all still alive. Hamas notably announced the death of the youngest hostage, the infant Kfir, who would have been eleven months old today, his mother Shiri Bibas (32 years old) and his older brother Ariel (four years old). Israel has not confirmed their deaths. Apart from Kfir and Ariel, there are no more minor hostages left in the Gaza Strip. The last, Bedouin Aïsha al-Zayadna (17 years old), was released on November 30, the last day of the truce. The Israel-Hamas agreement provided for their release as a priority.

Five missing
In addition to the hostages, five people, four Israelis and one Eritrean, are still considered missing by the authorities. These are therefore either hostages or people found dead whose bodies have not been identified.

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