Imane Ouaadil: A symbiosis of passions and diplomacy

Imane Ouaadil embodies the quintessence of ambition and determination. On the diplomatic scene, she has been able to leave a luminous trail, guided by emblematic figures of commitment, know-how and passion.
In 2019, she crowned her journey by accessing the prestigious position of Ambassador of His Majesty the King to Ghana, a country with which she has forged strong ties, the fruit of five years of dedicated service.

His diplomatic vocation, rooted in a deep love for Morocco and an ardent desire to magnify its prestige, took off following training in English language and literature at the Hassan II University of Casablanca, enriched by studies in translation at the King Fahd Higher School in Tangier. Driven by spontaneous enthusiasm, she joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2003, where she excelled in several functions before taking on her first international mission in Ghana in 2007.

Her itinerary then took her to Bulgaria and then to Tunisia, where, alongside Latifa Akharbach, she refined her diplomatic mastery, while cultivating a unique professional identity.

Her return to Ghana in 2019, as ambassador, marked a new era of fruitful collaboration with local authorities and stakeholders, with the aim of consolidating bilateral relations on the political level and beyond, by working for convergence views on issues of mutual importance, both regionally and internationally.

Imane Ouaadil stands out for her unwavering commitment to continuous learning, her listening, her adaptation and her constant wonder, always with humility.

Representing His Majesty the King in Ghana is for her both an enriching challenge and a formative experience, in the heart of an effervescent capital, a first-class diplomatic crossroads.

Faced with a busy schedule and demanding missions, she remains unfailingly professional and considers diplomacy, after twenty years of experience, to be “the most fantastic profession in the world”.

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