Inside ALP Services Constellation Plan: Exposing the UAEs Alleged Involvement in a Scandalous Plot

In October 2018, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) launched a covert operation called Constellation, with the aim of mapping and countering the alleged network of the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe. To accomplish this objective, the UAE sought the assistance of Alp Services, a Swiss private investigation agency. This strategic and highly effective plan was designed to identify and discredit European politicians and officials who were believed to be supporters of Qatar. The ensuing scandal, known as Qatargate, exposed corruption within European institutions and revealed instances of espionage conducted on EU soil.

The Genesis of the Constellation Plan:

Operating under the codename Constellation, the UAE enlisted the expertise of private investigator Mario Brero from Alp Services to uncover the lobbyists employed by Qatar within the EU buildings. Confidential documents obtained by Mediapart, Domani, and the EIC consortium have shed light on Alp Services‘ provision of a comprehensive list to the UAE, containing the names of numerous European politicians and officials. These individuals were categorized as either traditional or covert lobbyists, all of whom were labeled as supporters of Qatar.

ALP Services and its Strong Ties with the UAE:

By October 2018, Alp Services had forged strong connections with the UAE, particularly through agent Matar and Sheikh Ali Saeed al-Neyadi, the national security adviser. The relationship between the UAE and Alp Services flourished, with the agency having already earned over a million euros from previous projects related to the Muslim Brotherhood. This fruitful collaboration ultimately led to the development of a new plan in March 2019, aimed at countering Qatar’s influence.

Identifying Targets for Defamation:

As part of the Costellazione plan, Alp Services identified nearly 70 potential targets to discredit and counter Qatar’s influence. Among these targets were prominent European politicians, including MPs Marc Tarabella (Belgium) and Eva Kaili (Greece), who were later accused by Belgian prosecutors in the QatarGate scandal. Additionally, former Italian MEP Pier Antonio Panzeri, allegedly the mastermind behind the corruption pact, was also listed.

The Connection with Qatargate Suspects:

In a surprising turn of events, Alp Services unknowingly compiled a list of individuals who would later become key figures in the Qatargate scandal. Panzeri’s involvement in the scandal reportedly came to light during his visit to Doha in 2018, where he was accused of entering into a corrupt agreement with Ali Bin Samikh Al-Marri. This connection ultimately led to Panzeri’s arrest after a significant amount of cash was discovered in his Brussels residence.

European Politicians Accused by ALP Services:

ALP Services has accused several European politicians, primarily from the center-left political spectrum, of serving Qatar’s interests. Notably, Joaquin Almunia, the former vice president of the European Commission, and Federica Mogherini, the former High Representative for European foreign policy, have been identified as individuals who may have been influenced by the EU-Qatar friendship group.

 Unveiling Dark Lobbying and the Role of Daniele Capezzone:

ALP Services has shed light on the practice of dark lobbying, a covert communication campaign allegedly orchestrated by Qatar through the Middle East Dialogue Center. Among the key figures implicated in this campaign is Daniele Capezzone, a former deputy of Raffaele Fittos’ Italy Direction party. Capezzone is described as a skilled mercenary lobbyist who effectively exploits his connections in Italian politics and business.

ALP Services has also drawn attention to Niccolò Figà-Talamanca, the secretary of the NGO No Peace Without Justice. While no direct links have been established between Figà-Talamanca and the Qatargate suspects, he has been flagged due to his association with Marco Perduca and his publication of an article denouncing the lack of respect for human rights in the UAE.

The Constellation plan, developed by Alp Services on behalf of the UAE, has brought to light the intricate web of interests, espionage, and counterespionage that unfolded between the UAE and Qatar on European soil. As the scandalous Qatargate investigation unraveled, the involvement of Alp Services and the UAE in identifying and defaming alleged supporters of Qatar took center stage. The consequences of this elaborate scheme continue to resonate within European politics, with prominent figures now facing charges of corruption and conspiracy.

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