Intergenerational Sharing In Moelan-sur-Mer’s Kermoulin

Middle school students at the Kermoulin school are currently working on the Second World War. On this occasion, they welcomed Denise Le Franc, 99, who came accompanied by her daughter Brigitte, to discuss this subject.

The children had previously prepared questions concerning life during the war, rationing, the imprisonment of the Jews, the place of women, etc. Half of the intervention was done in Breton and the other half in French.

Denise, a former student of the establishment, answered all the questions with kindness and precision, adding personal stories. She had also brought her class photo from 1928, when she was at Kermoulin school. She was able to recount her memories. The children realized the significant change between his school and theirs, with in particular the separation of girls and boys in the yard, the absence of toilets and canteen…

Denise concluded this beautiful moment of intergenerational sharing by reciting two poems learned 95 years ago, which she still knows by heart.

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