Israel targets the European Union for its participation in the inauguration of the Iranian President

The presence of Enrique Mora, diplomat, representing the European Union during the inauguration of Ebrahim Raisi as Iranian president was harshly criticized by Israel.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said that “Raïssi is the most extreme Iranian current to date, and competition is tough. “I say it to the European Union: we cannot speak of human rights and at the same time pay tribute to a murderer, a executioner, who assassinated hundreds of opponents to the regime.”

Raïssi is a 60-year-old ultra-conservative widely considered a future Ayatollah (supreme leader). Disciple of Ali Khamenei, he appears on the black list of the United States for his participation in extrajudicial executions in the 80s.

International organizations like Amnesty International also accuse Raïssi of crimes against humanity. Even a UN official has made a report that holds the new president responsible as a participant in the crimes.

In addition to Bennett, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also condemned the presence of Mora. The portfolio led by Yaïr Lapid assured that European participation was “shameful” and the product of a “bad judgment”.

“Flatterie and submission to violent and totalitarian regimes only encourage more violence and aggression.” We highly recommend to the EU to immediately cancel its shameful participation in the opening ceremony of the butcher of Tehran, “tweeted the ministry spokesperson Lior Haiat.

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