Israeli Embassy’s Paris Snub Of Minister Betsalel Smotrich

The acting ambassador, for example, did not come to welcome Betsalel Smotrich when he arrived in Paris.

Employees of the Israeli Embassy in Paris managed to disrupt Finance Minister Betsalel Smotrich’s visit to the French capital last week. The Israeli diplomatic representation, without a fixed ambassador since the resignation of Yael German at the end of December, “did not do what was necessary to facilitate the visit of the Israeli minister”, reported the Israeli channel N12, Monday evening.

The acting ambassador, for example, did not come to welcome Betsalel Smotrich when he arrived in Paris. Moreover, the embassy representative arrived by Uber at the last minute during the tribute to the victims of the Hypercacher attack, contenting himself with lighting a candle and laying flowers before leaving.

Officials of the Jewish community in France have also claimed that an employee of the Israeli embassy had tried to obstruct Smotrich’s visit, calling on embassy staff to protest against judicial reform, and urging the French community leaders not to meet the finance minister.

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicated for its part that it was a visit which concerned the OECD and that a special representative was in charge of welcoming Betsalel Smotrich, this responsibility not falling to the Israeli Embassy in Paris. The ministry, however, said that the allegations against embassy staff would be thoroughly investigated and dealt with with all due severity, if the facts are proven.

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