Judge Michel Claise Breaks Silence on Qatargate

With the new revelations in Qatargate investigations, more complexities are being made. The question has arisen: why did the Prime investigator, Judge, take so long to distance himself from the corruption scandal’s investigation? His conduct was already in the limelight, but he stayed. But recently, he broke the silence and defended his Actions Amidst Growing Controversy. Further, he said everything was done correctly from his side. 

Michel Clais’s son’s business relations with Central Suspect Marie Arena’s son were mentioned several times, and Belgian authorities and the Prosecution were also aware of this closeness. Still, they didn’t act until the voices raised against his conduct from inside the case.  

He remained in the investigation and made prosection compromised. 

Was the business relationship not enough for him to resign from the investigation? Why did he wait until June? He was aware that the investigation’s credibility was being lost. Then, he immediately left when Marc Tarabella’s lawyer was about to highlight the conflict of interest about him. 

However, Michel Claise recently spoke to the media about the case handling. He contended, “I never talk about it, But I can reassure you on one point: everything was carried out correctly; you can check with the federal prosecutor.”

The press spoke to him on the phone when he was abroad on a mission. He was also comic when asked about his future in the judiciary. Further, the media asked about his plan to contest elections in 2024, and he replied he would discuss this matter when he was no longer part of the Belgian judiciary

Returning to the Qatargate investigation, he was aware of the Clash of interest, so why did he take the case as an investigator judge? Moreover, Claise’s son and Arena’s son have been doing business together since 2018; how Could a judge have overlooked this? According to Experts, he should never have accepted this investigation. 

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