Keir Starmer Calls for Improved EU Deal Post-Brexit

British opposition leader Keir Starmer has promised to improve trade relations between the United Kingdom and the European Union (EU) in 2025 if his Labor party wins the next general election.

Keir Starmer told the Financial Times (FT) that he wanted to maintain close ties with the EU while affirming that he did not want to reintegrate the United Kingdom into the single market.

Labor wants to improve the Trade and Cooperation Agreement between the two parties concluded under Boris Johnson’s mandate, not renegotiate it, according to the opposition leader.

The agreement entered into force in 2021 and its contours must be renegotiated in 2025.

“Almost everyone agrees that the deal Johnson negotiated is not a good deal, it is far too light. On the way to 2025 we will try to have a better deal for the UK “, Keir Starmer told the FT.

According to the FT, Keir Starmer would consider closer collaboration with the EU in the security, innovation and research sectors.

The opposition leader is due to meet French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday in Paris on the eve of a state visit by King Charles III to France.

The Bank of England said Brexit has reduced the English economy’s capacity to grow, weighing on investment and productivity.

In opinion polls, Labor has a lead of around 20 points over Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s Conservative Party ahead of next year’s elections.

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