Lorenzo Fontana: Links to Russia and Conservative Ideals

Lorenzo Fontana, an Italian politician, currently holds the position of President of the Chamber of Deputies. He has served in various governmental roles, including Minister of European Affairs, Minister of Family, and Vice-President of the Chamber of Deputies. Additionally, Fontana is the Deputy Federal Secretary of Lega, a political party led by Matteo Salvini. He is known for his socially conservative and eurosceptic views, Fontana has drawn criticism for his close admiration of Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom he praised as “a shining light even for us in the West” in 2018.

As a member of Lega, Fontana aligns with the party’s Atlanticist stance in foreign policy while also advocating for friendlier relations with Russia and opposing sanctions. Despite allegations of receiving Russian funding, dubbed “Russiagate,” in 2019, these claims were ultimately dismissed in Italy.

Fontana’s ties with Russia have further raised eyebrows, particularly his role as one of the “international observers” during Crimea’s controversial referendum in 2014. He has consistently campaigned against sanctions, notably expressing his stance with a clear message of “No sanctions against Russia” in the European Parliament in September 2014.

Widely perceived as an ultraconservative figure, Fontana proudly labels himself a “crusader” in his battle against issues such as abortion, euthanasia, same-sex civil unions, and stepchild adoption, which he views as threats to the traditional family structure. He vehemently opposes “pro-LGBT” sexual education, aligning himself with Vladimir Putin’s Russia as a model for those who advocate for a nationalist societal framework.

Critics argue that Fontana’s unwavering support for Putin’s Russia undermines Italy’s foreign policy and raises concerns about his commitment to democratic principles. His association with Lega and his vocal advocacy for socially conservative values have positioned him as a polarizing figure within Italian politics, prompting ongoing debate and scrutiny surrounding his actions and affiliations.

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