Lukas Mandl’s Pro-Israeli & Zionist Advocacy

Lukas Mandl is an Austrian politician and belongs to  Austrian People’s Party. He has been a MEP since November 2017 and was re-elected in 2019. There are concerns that he is pro-Israel MEPs. He chairs the Transatlantic Friends of Israel (TFI) in the European Parliament.

Once, He attempted to shield Israel from criticism regarding the Pegasus spyware scandal. MEP Lukas Mandl encounters questionable actions. Lukas Mandl, an Austrian member of the European Parliament, challenges the report implicating Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the Pegasus scandal. Specifically, Mandl suggests amendments to remove Netanyahu’s name from the report. He seeks to save the Israeli military from embarrassment. 

Mandl’s efforts also spread to de-emphasising the close connection between Israel and Cyprus in the spyware trade. He aims to remove observations about the warm connection between the two countries, instead emphasising that Israeli firms in Cyprus are “not related to the Israeli government.” Additionally, Mandl attempts to portray the relocation of Israeli firms to Europe, notably Cyprus, as unrelated to drawing export license regulations in Israel. The Pegasus controversy prompted it.

On the event of the 75th anniversary, the Austrian MEP, Lukas Mandl, has hosted a panel debate in the framework of the “Happy Hour Of Free Speech” on the topic “75 years State of Israel: How to continue the success story”. This development portrays his inclinations towards Israel. 

The Austrian MEP, Lukas Mandl, was also appointed to negotiate on behalf of the Group of the EU People’s Party on a resolution named by its initiators “Prospects of the two-state solution for Israel and Palestine”. Here is Mandl’s address in the European Parliament in which he highlights, in particular, the need for a security guarantee for Israel as a precondition for any kind of action with this European Parliament’s resolution. 

“Israel is a partner state regarding the values of human dignity and freedom. Apart from security for which Israel delivers stability, collaboration in science and economics, among others, is positive and very practical for us as overcoming the pandemic shows,” Mandl recognises. “Of course, Israel has the right and also the duty to its citizens to protect itself against the terror attacks. At the same time, it protects what we globally call civilisation.” MEP state. His overall stance and political career and activities indicate that he has leanings towards Israel and works as their agent in the European parliament.

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