Madagascar requests the departure of the ambassador of the European Union

Relations between Madagascar and the European Union (EU) have moved up a notch. Malagasy authorities have demanded the departure of EU ambassador Isabelle Delattre. The latter is asked to leave the country during the southern winter.

The Malagasy authorities have officially requested the departure of the ambassador of the European Union, Isabelle Delattre, following a series of speeches which irritated President Andry Rajoelina and his government.

This decision by the Malagasy authorities was taken after the press conference on February 26, during which Ms. Delattre criticized the decision of the High Constitutional Court of Madagascar validating a law authorizing surgical castration, deeming it contrary to international treaties.

Since her arrival on the Big Island in 2022, the European ambassador has never hesitated to publicly express her concerns regarding various subjects, such as the unfollowed recommendations of the 2018 electoral observation mission and tax evasion. These positions often provoked negative reactions within the Malagasy government, which resulted in a breakdown of trust between the two parties.

On the EU side, we took note of this breakdown in trust, making the functioning of the Malagasy embassy “impossible”. Although the departure of Ambassador Delattre is almost certain, the terms of her replacement remain to be clarified. She is expected to leave her post during the southern winter, but the recruitment process for her successor could take time.

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