MEP Marek Siwiec Supports Zionist Agenda in EU

Marek Siwiec, a Polish center-left MEP, has been known as an Israel-friendly member of the European Parliament. He served as President of European Friends of Israel. Marek Siwiec’s position may indicate a nuanced approach to Israel-related issues within the center-left political spectrum. 

Additionally, Siwiec has been associated with the European Friends of Israel (EFI), an organization focused on assembling an Israel-friendly EU parliament. Most backing for Israel is found among parties on the right of the center in the European Parliament. He also acted as Vice-Chairman of the European Parliament, a substitute member for relations with Israel.

EFI seeks to improve and foster an atmosphere in which both Israel’s and the EU’s commercial welfare are enhanced and grown. We aim to increase the number of Europeans who share aims and encourage them to take individual political action. EFI, however, differs from the classic pro-Israel grassroots NGOs model in one crucial aspect: As EFI concentrates mainly on elected political representatives, it brings together every Israel-friendly parliamentary group from across the 27 EU Member States, together with a spirit of support within the European Parliament from every political shade.

In 2014, in one of his writings, he stated, “Israel’s people share more in common culturally and democratically with the EU than with their closest neighbors.  Travel across the border to Jordan or Syria, and you are – unmistakably in the Middle East. Israel shares common bonds with the EU socially, economically, and politically.  Sadly, because of its unique position in the world, these bonds are often not recognized, or worse yet, simply ignored”

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