MEPs warned of potential spying by Alp Services

Brussels, 7-26-2023 – In a recent development, Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have been issued a warning regarding the potential threat of spying activities carried out by Alp Services. The European Investigative Collaborations (EIC) network, a consortium of reputable European investigative journalists, has brought to light disturbing evidence revealing that individuals from 18 different European countries have fallen victim to surveillance by Alp Services. As a result, concerns have been raised that MEPs may also be susceptible targets of Alp Services’ espionage operations.

The revelations from the EIC investigation have exposed a disconcerting pattern of spying activities orchestrated by Alp Services across Europe. Innocent individuals from various European nations have reportedly been subjected to unwarranted surveillance, raising serious questions about the extent and implications of such invasive actions.

MEPs, being key figures in the European political landscape, now face potential risks to their privacy and security due to the activities of Alp Services. This development has prompted urgent calls for greater scrutiny and protection against any unauthorized surveillance that could compromise the integrity of democratic processes and jeopardize the privacy of elected representatives.

As the situation unfolds, the European Investigative Collaborations network and concerned stakeholders are urging for comprehensive investigations into Alp Services’ operations and the implementation of stringent safeguards to shield MEPs and citizens alike from any undue intrusions.

MEPs are urged to stay vigilant and proactive in addressing this issue, ensuring the protection of democratic values and the rights of those they represent.

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