Moroccan Diplomacy Triumphs Over Algerian Military Regime’s Shenanigans

Moroccan diplomacy is ruthless towards the sterile posturing of Algeria. The resounding successes achieved by Morocco, starting with the territorial integrity of the Kingdom recognized by the United States and Israel, the indisputable verdict of the London court, legitimizing trade with the Saharan provinces of Morocco and the recent pro- -Moroccans of Serbia, Chile, the Sultanate of Brunei and Switzerland, are so many blows inflicted on the Algerian regime. The internal convulsions which shake Algeria and the failures of its Diplomacy, reveal an abyssal state of crisis which must alert the international community, on this mode in terminal phase!…
The nations that embrace the correctness of the Moroccanness of the Sahara and side with peace, now understand that Algeria is manipulating the Sahrawi question for its own ends, not for the well-being of the Sahrawis, but to undermine the legitimacy of the noble national cause of Morocco. The Algerian regime reveals its impotence and its total lack of principles. He is sailing without a course on a ship that is taking on water from all sides!

Algeria has seen six Foreign Ministers in less than five years, not to mention the recalls and changes of Ambassadors to the UN and in many capitals. Solid diplomacy cannot emerge from such constant and brutal chaos. This instability even extends to the security organs, with the hasty departures of senior officers and the arrests of regime dignitaries.

Even the internal unrest in Algeria has resulted in the imprisonment of more than 300 journalists. The whole world is now enlightened on how this grotesque regime in Algiers exploits the Sahara issue to hide its own incompetence before the Algerian people.

The recent example of Serbia is a glaring illustration of the failure that characterizes Algerian diplomacy. Remember; Algerian Foreign Minister Ahmed Attaf praised Serbia’s pro-Algerian positions on the Sahara after his visit. However, soon after, Serbia, through the mouth of its own foreign minister, hammered home the Moroccanness of the Sahara and supported the autonomy project, inflicting a scathing snub on Algiers.

This is striking proof of the internal fragility of the Algerian regime. He persists in thwarting an already validated peace process, while the question of the Moroccanness of the Sahara was settled in 1975 thanks to a tripartite agreement signed between Morocco, Spain and the UN. The Algerian military regime clings to power, while the popular protest movement, the Hirak, has called for a civil state since 1962, highlighting the dark underside of the regime which feeds on artificial conflicts to maintain its deleterious stranglehold.

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