Morocco-EU Fisheries: Sovereignty & Recognition

The partnership agreement between Morocco and the European Union (EU) in the field of fisheries constitutes recognition of Morocco’s sovereignty over its southern provinces, indicated the President of the Council of the Dakhla-Oued Eddahab region, El Khattat Yanja.

In a statement to MAP, Mr. Yanja said he was satisfied with the decision of Morocco and the European Union to continue their cooperation in accordance with the partnership agreement in the field of sustainable fisheries, in view of the importance of this agreement in terms of strengthening the partnership with the European Union.

The President of the Dakhla-Oued Eddahab Regional Council noted in this regard that this agreement, which serves the interests of both parties, is of great importance because it takes into account the reality on the ground, stressing that any agreement with Morocco must take into consideration the fact that the Kingdom exercises its full and complete sovereignty over its territory from the North to the South of the Kingdom. He also affirmed that the partnership agreement between Morocco and the European Union in the field of fisheries has a positive impact on development, particularly in the southern provinces of the Kingdom.

The European Union reiterated on Thursday the utmost importance it attaches to its partnership with the Kingdom of Morocco in the area of fisheries, and the essential interest it attaches to its continuation in a spirit of trust, solidarity and of mutual interest.

She also underlined, in a joint press release published at the end of the 5th session of the Joint Commission responsible for monitoring the Partnership Agreement in the field of sustainable fisheries, held Thursday in Brussels, that relations with Morocco in the field of fisheries “are part of a global and mutually beneficial partnership, which makes Morocco and the EU strategic partners for stability, development and prosperity in the region”.

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