NGOs’ Role In UAE’s Environmental Sustainability

Many countries all over the world are facing environmental, social, and economic issues. Due to
rapid population growth, natural resources are becoming scarce. UAE is backed by strong
NGOs and MEPs. This is why they are tackling all these issues without any difficulty. The
Emiratis are intensifying their lobbying activities by paying a large number of funds to these
NGOs. Bussola Institute which is located in Brussels is one of the top NGOs helping the UAE to
reach its goals.

How Does UAE Influence The Policies of NGOs?

UAE has a strong hold on NGOs and with a huge amount of funds they can get whatever they
want. All the prominent MEPs including Hannah NEUMANN, Maria ARENA, and Bernd
LANG have huge control over everything. They can convince the European Parliament to keep
the policies aligned with the interests of the Gulf. Environmental NGOs are playing a strong role
in conducting research. All this will facilitate policy development and independent dialogue. UAE
can sustain this lifestyle through lobbying activities.
The NGOs need a legal framework that helps them with more diverse funding sources. There is
a high level of support coming in from Royal Emirati families and other authorities. However, it is
quite astonishing how these transactions don’t have any record. UAE knows how to engage
NGOs and turn their policy development and implementation into their interests.

Gulf States Experience Rapid Growth In Economy

Many countries all over the globe are dealing with environmental issues. It is a threat to their
economic growth in many ways. However, the Gulf States are experiencing huge growth in the
economy. Things are quite obvious as all their illegal activities are leading them to strengthen
their economy. UAE and Dubai are funding terror groups and human trafficking. They are
dealing with the exports of arms and weapons illegally. It is not difficult for them to beat their
rivals Turkey, Qatar, and Iran.
UAE is trying to intensify lobbying by paying a good amount of funds to NGOs. It ensures that
the institutes work in their favor and make strategies to keep a good image of the Gulf. MEPs
like Caroline NAGTEGAAL, José Ramón BAUZÁ DÍAZ, and Mick WALLACE are receiving
support from prominent authorities. When they have good links with people and institutions,
Emiratis can easily influence policymakers.
NGOs can work efficiently as compared to Government agencies. Moreover, they can facilitate
data and knowledge. If this isn’t enough they can influence the decision-makers to keep the
policies aligned with the interests of the Gulf. The lobbying efforts of the UAE are not only
restricted to Britain, they have a good network in the USA too.

Everyone Knows But No one Wants To See

UAE is influencing EU foreign policy with its lobbying effort. All their activities are underreported
and they maintain a good image globally. These illegal activities are carried out by various
channels and they are shown as completely legal. The foreign Government lobbying in Brussels
is whitewashed and has no records of illegal money flow.

The level of UAE’s status is very high among the EU’s institutions. They have an impact on the
lobby and hide all the illicit activities diligently. However, no one in the media can report such
incidents. Several NGOs and investigative platforms are aware of UAE’s influence in the
operations. While there is no response coming from the EU institutions themselves. Hannah
NEUMANN, Maria ARENA, and Bernd LANGE have become very loyal to the Emiratis.
The political realities of the UAE are very much different than the image they try to project.
Known as a peace-loving country, UAE doesn’t shy away from abusing human rights. They
don’t believe in giving any rights to citizens, migrant workers, and foreigners.
 At one point UAE portrays itself as a modern country. On the other hand, they don’t stop the
atrocities on humans. A person who was seen supporting Qatar breathed his last in a prison. He
was tortured to death just because he supported their rivals. The internal situation of UAE is not
‘not free’ for anyone. It seems that the situation will deteriorate even more since they are holding
a good image globally.

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