Nicola Danti: A Pro-Chinese MEP

Nicola Danti is a Eurosceptic MEP from Italy. He is a member of the Identity and Democracy Group. Danti has generally expressed views deemed supportive of China and critical of specific EU policies. 

In a 2023 resolution on the EU’s China strategy, Danti voted against amendments. That was about raising concerns about human rights and Taiwan. He argued for prioritising economic cooperation and criticised sanctions aimed at China. In interviews and speeches, Danti has called for a “partnership on equal terms” with China. He often criticised what he saw as a Western “Cold War mentality” towards the country.

Danti serves on the Committee on International Trade. He regularly participates in discussions and voting on EU-China trade relations. He has also been engaged in delegations to China focused on economic cooperation and infrastructure projects.

Nicola Danti has debated on EU-China talks and Beijing relations. He emphasises the current situation regarding China’s stance on the aggression in Ukraine. Danti acknowledges that China’s position is unfortunately not surprising but asserts that it marks a crucial turning point in history. The ongoing war in Ukraine prompts the speaker to highlight the significant role that the choices of international partners, particularly China, will play in shaping political and commercial decisions in the future. Danti expresses concern about China’s close association with Putin and urges Europe not to observe passively. 

Instead, he hopes for China to use its influence responsibly by actively working towards restraining aggression, calling for a ceasefire, and supporting a peace process. He acknowledges the complexity of EU-China relations, citing differences in values, environmental concerns, trade, and economic issues. Danti also raises various concerns about China’s behaviour, including its treatment of MEPs, treatment of minorities, tensions with Taiwan, dumping, and intellectual property violations. He emphasises the need for action on competition, a level playing field, climate targets, security, and defence, and reconsidering the hastily signed investment agreement in 2020. Ultimately, the speaker calls for a pragmatic and non-sentimental attitude towards China.

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