Preventing EU Budgets Funding Palestinian Terrorism

In 2022, the EU allocated more than €26.5 million in aid to ‘Palestinians in need’

Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen met on Tuesday with Olivér Várhelyi, European Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighborhood Policy. Among the key points of their discussion was the financial aid provided by the European Union to the Palestinian Authority.

Foreign Minister Eli Cohen said: “I have agreed with Commissioner Olivér Várhelyi that the European Union will not transfer budgets to the Palestinian Authority that will be used to incite violence against Israel. We are not opposed to aid to the Palestinian Authority, but we will not tolerate that these budgets are indirectly spent on terrorist activities.”

In 2022, the EU has allocated more than €26.5 million in humanitarian aid “to Palestinians in need”. Of this sum, 2.1 million are external contributions from Italy, Spain, Finland and France. Aid that reaches, according to the Jewish state, many associations that “incite hatred” under the guise of respectability. Since 2000, the European Union has allocated 852 million euros to the Palestinians.

Foreign Minister Cohen and the Commissioner discussed a study to be conducted by the European Union on incitement and anti-Semitism in Palestinian Authority textbooks, a follow-up to the study whose results were published in 2019.

“We also agreed that Israel and the European Union would cooperate on projects aimed at strengthening the Abraham Accords. The European Union is one of Israel’s main trading partners and we will continue to strengthen ties. which unite us with the Union, in order to promote the interests of the State of Israel”, he added.

In addition, Foreign Minister Cohen and Olivér Várhelyi discussed the promotion of a joint project between Israel and the European Union for mine clearance in Ukraine, as well as European funding for projects with countries at peace, including cooperation in the field of emergency management and development of the beaches of the Red Sea.

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