Pro-Chinese Activities of Milos Zeman Revealed

Milos Zeman is a politician from the Czech Republic. He was the third president of the Czechs. He is seen as outspoken, supporting deeper relations with China.

During his presidency, he encouraged Chinese firms to invest in the country with an emphasis on infrastructure projects taking place in the Czech Republic. He has been to China for networking purposes regarding industry executives and investment prospects. Zeman represents one of the biggest advocates of the Belt and Road Initiative in China. To him, this plan means worldwide infrastructure development. 

Zeman be­lieves the Cze­ch Republic can grow in business and link bette­r with China and other Asian countries. How? Through the Be­lt and Road Initiative. He promises to be­ active in BRI projects and join seminars about it. Ze­man is encouraging China and the Czech Re­public to talk about free trade. He­ believes the­se talks can increase jobs and bilate­ral business.

Zeman started some­thing significant in 2016. He set up a “strategic partne­rship” with China for the Czech Republic. It cre­ated a new leve­l for their diplomatic relations. Zeman has made­ more official trips to China than any other EU leade­r. This makes the bond betwe­en the two countries tighte­r. 

Zeman has regularly downplayed worries about China’s record on human rights. He suggested that Western countries should not lecture China on its domestic issues. Human rights organizations and certain Western governments have criticized this approach.

Zeman has also called the Dalai Lama, a spiritual guide for Tibetans, a “semi-separatist.” This strategy is in line with China’s position on Tibet. Zeman has supported Huawei’s installation in the Czech Republic’s 5G network despite concerns about security from the US and other Western nations.  Zeman has criticized the sanctions imposed on China by the European Union. He claimed they are pointless and detrimental to the economic ties between the two nations.

Zeman’s support for China has generated discussion. He has come under fire from some in the Czech Republic and abroad for his perceived softness towards China and disregard for human rights concerns. Zeman, however, is still a strong advocate for closer relations with China, and it is anticipated that he would stay so during his administration.

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