Qatargate Exposed: Leaked Documents Reveal Belgian Authorities’ Protection of Marie Arena

Recently, new leaks have come to light which further expose the tale of Qatargate. It has now been established that the case was staged and directed by Belgian authorities to target Eva Kaili and protect main characters like Marie Arena. The Belgian authorities have not forgotten any opportunity to protect Marie Arena. However, new documents further depict that she was indeed shielded by Belgian authorities.

The new leaked documents in the file bring the names of Marie Arena and her son Ugo Lemaire back to the forefront. Marie Arena, the first Belgian MEP, is also the second son of Hadja Lahbib, the stepson of the Belgian Foreign Minister. If we examine the initial stages of the case, Arena’s name, initially raised by Panzeri, was then excluded, despite her repeated appearances in the papers prepared by the investigators themselves. She was disregarded by the investigation team, and her immunity was not addressed by the authorities, despite evidence against her. 

And today, the defenders of the suspects have come to realize that there were more than just suspicious elements in the leaked documents. Even the public has been shocked to learn that, such as the fact that at Marie’s son, Lemaire’s house, on July 20th, 280 thousand euros in cash were found, many of which were on the entrance table, tied with a rubber band, and a GPS tracker with a magnet. 

Furthermore, in the house, there were also plastic bags with cannabis inside and a false identity card, with Lemaire’s photo but the details of another person. This information was not revealed at the first stage of the case, so this raises serious questions about the conduct of Belgian authorities and why these pieces of evidence were present in court. 

Moreover, besides the cash hidden by Belgian authorities, there is the existence of plastic bags with cannabis inside and a false identity card, bearing Lemaire’s photo but the details of another person. This is shocking and should be investigated regarding Marie Arena. It indicates that Belgian authorities were protecting her and providing her with opportunities to evade investigation. There are also speculations that Marie Arena’s son has connections with thugs and drug sellers.

Leaked documents further depict that Lemaire rented a garage where four cars are kept, registered to various people, including a note to the police for drug trafficking. Investigators also analyzed the young man’s cell phone, finding messages that would confirm the hypothesis of drug trafficking “from Spain to Belgium,” as stated in the police report. Why the police did not reveal or publicize this information in the initial stages remains unclear.

Lemaire, however, was summoned for questioning by Belgian authorities on December 19, five months after the search took place. This represents an enormous amount of time, considering the imperative to prevent the obscuring of evidence. This illustrates the blunder of the Belgian police and appears to provide face-saving for Lemaire.

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