[Reaction] “The birth rate is a challenge for France”

The RN deputy for Oise Alexandre Sabatou returns to his proposed law aimed at boosting the French birth rate. The elected official proposes in particular the transition from a half share to a full tax share from the second child.

Marc Eynaud. You have tabled, with your fellow National Rally deputies, a bill aimed at increasing the household tax increase to a full share from the second child. Does this have a link with the birth rate?

Alexandre Sabatou. This has an obvious link with the birth rate. Indeed, I made this bill because the French fertility index went from 2.1 children on average in 2012 to 1.68 today. This means that there is no longer any population renewal.

This bill aims to give a little more money to the middle classes or the slightly wealthier classes who have children to enable them to raise them in good conditions and, perhaps, to encourage them to have children. . Today, the talk we have among younger generations like mine is that we don’t want to have children because it involves a sacrifice. We have the impression that if we have a child, we lose our standard of living and our purchasing power. This bill aims to restore purchasing power so that having a child is not a sacrifice for families.

M. E. During the debate on pension reform, you were accused, on the left, of “politicizing women’s wombs” and making them into reproducers.

A. S. It’s the game of the left and the majority who are immigrationists. If we don’t have children, we will be told that the French are not capable of providing jobs and that we will therefore have to bring in labor. And it is not to defend women but to justify an immigration policy and continue what is happening today.

M. E. Can such a proposed law not provide additional relief for immigration?

A.S. I don’t think so. What most attracts foreigners, from outside the European Union, is the fact of being able to access aid. I remind you that the RSA can be received by any citizen of the world. You simply have to be 26 years old and meet a few conditions, but nationality is not one of them.

The birth rate is an issue for France. We cannot be against immigration and not have children, because if you do not have children, the left and the majority will explain to us that the French do not want to do certain jobs.

As a patriot, it is therefore important to make this effort to have a child, and this bill is there to help our compatriots have children without sacrificing their purchasing power.

This article is originally published on bvoltaire.fr

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