Reconsidering 49.3: Concerns of Authoritarian Shift

As the government prepares for its political return, many projects await the parliamentary groups. Among them, the Immigration bill, the School or the public finance programming law should lead to extensive debates. But also his lot of 49.3, as feared by Patrick Kanner, PS senator from the North and guest of Europe 1.
Are we going again towards a series of 49.3? Many highly anticipated texts will enter parliamentary debates at the start of the school year, such as the Immigration bill but also the public finance programming law, essential to receive the billions promised to France in the Union’s recovery plan. European. But without consensus, it is difficult to keep the agenda imagined by Emmanuel Macron. “For there to be consensus, you need trust,” recalls Patrick Kanner, PS senator from the North and president of the socialist group in the Senate, guest of Europe 1 this Thursday morning.

Find points of agreement

Unconvinced by the interview given by the Head of State to the newspaper Le Point, the senator regrets the methods used by Emmanuel Macron: it is a “very personal, very centralized, very top-down approach. Finally, we find the model Jupiterian of the President of the Republic and I hear this invitation to bring the party leaders”, he analyzes, specifying that as president of a parliamentary group, he only met Emmanuel Macron once. in six years.

An impossible conversation? If the government and the opposition parties do not find points of agreement, the threat of new uses of 49.3 is already pointing the tip of its nose, to the regret of the leaders of parliamentary groups. “For the referendums I say ‘Chiche!’, we will see what the reaction of the French will be. But to use ten times the 49.3 for the 2023 budget, and perhaps the same thing for 2024. the public finance programming law, a 49.3 on Immigration. Well, finally, it becomes an authoritarian state having to use 49.3 all the time”, laments Patrick Kanner.

“It’s finally denying Parliament and at some point, it won’t be able to hold,” concludes the senator. And in response to one or more 49.3, it is not forbidden for parliamentary groups to launch a motion of censure, as was the case during the debates on pension reform.

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